Spotlight on The Harmonist - A Unique New Fragrance House

Receive an intimate introduction to The Harmonist, a unique new Maison de Parfum from Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva.

Posted by Uzbek News on 2017

A new Maison de Parfum founded on the guiding principles of harmony and well-being, The Harmonist has become a major player in the fragrance world since launching its debut collection in 2016. To learn more about the story behind the scents, read on for some favorite facts about this unique fragrance house.

Feng shui is an important inspiration for The Harmonist.

The Harmonist’s fragrances are inspired by Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy that aims to increase the flow of positive energy by creating a harmonious balance between your immediate surroundings and the natural world. While most people in the West today have come to know Feng Shui through the realm of interior design and decoration—a great deal of Western writing about Feng Shui focuses on arranging furniture and other objects in the home—its principles of balance and harmony extend much further. For The Harmonist, Feng Shui is connected to the idea of harmony being a source of beauty, and that what we do to bring harmony into our lives also creates beauty, confidence, and charisma.

The Harmonist’s fragrances offer a fresh take on scent personalization.

As The Harmonist’s founder Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva explains, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to fragrance. That’s why The Harmonist offers a unique opportunity for clients to find a fragrance tailored to them. The Harmonist’s collection is made up of 10 scents: a yin-scent and a yang scent for each of the five Feng Shui elements (earth, metal, water, wood, and fire). Through beauty, clients learn about their element and how the fragrances enhance their lives through the attributes of Socializing, Creativity, Status, Seduction, Prosperity and Wisdom.

The Harmonist’s founder’s passion for perfume began early.

The Harmonist - <strong>Lola Karimova</strong>

The Harmonist may be a unique endeavor, but it’s not the first time that Ms. Karimova-Tillyaeva has ventured into the fragrance world. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the The Harmonist founder describes blending and experimenting with her mother’s perfumes when she was a teenager, using the different scents as an opportunity to discover and express herself. Later, she created a special scent for her friends with notes of white flowers, vanilla musk, and ylang-ylang, stored in whimsical tulip-shaped bottles.

The Harmonist’s collection was created with the expertise of perfumer Guillaume Flavigny.

To complete The Harmonist’s debut collection of fragrances, Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva chose to work with perfumer Guillaume Flavigny. A graduate of ISIPCA (France’s leading school for post-graduate studies in perfume and cosmetics products) and of the perfumery school of Givaudan, Flavigny has become one of the most celebrated “noses” in the fragrance world. Some of his best-known perfumes include Ambre Gris for Balmain, Eau de Sisley No. 1 for Sisley, and Oscar Red Orchid for Oscar de la Renta.

There are two Harmonist boutiques: one in Paris and one in Los Angeles.

The original Harmonist boutique opened in the chic eighth arrondissement of Paris, near the Champs Elysées, in February 2016. In March 2016, the US flagship store opened in Los Angeles, on Melrose Place. Interestingly, the same Feng Shui principles that inspired the fragrances are also found in the boutiques. The Harmonist worked with a Feng Shui master to position every aspect of the boutiques in accordance with the energies of the space. Alnoor Design, the celebrated Parisian product design and interior decoration company, created the boutique interiors using materials to represent all five Feng Shui elements, such as Murano glass chandeliers and lacquered wood furnishings.

The Harmonist is conscious about environmental sustainability.

The importance that The Harmonist places on balance and harmony extends to the company’s concern for environmental sustainability, which it incorporates into many aspects of fragrance production. The botanic oils and natural ingredients used to compose the scents are sourced sustainably from around the world, while recyclable materials are used wherever possible, including for eco-friendly packaging. In addition, The Harmonist’s bottles are refillable: to replenish a favorite scent, clients can simply buy refill tubes that help keep packaging to a minimum.

Perfumes are not the only products The Harmonist has to offer.

While the main products on offer from The Harmonist are its signature scents, clients can also choose to experience the fragrances in a different format with The Harmonist’s special scented vegetal wax candles. These beautifully perfumed candles are available in all 10 scents, and are a unique way to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body, and home. For a completely different sort of offering, clients can visit The Harmonist’s website for a custom monthly forecast or horoscope based on their distinctive scent profile. The forecast includes suggestions for ways to focus one’s energy to create fulfilling personal harmony in the month ahead.